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Learn more about our in-house operations, from chenille patches, to embroidery, to full color printing.

We set the

Industry Standard
for Chenille

AST Sports perfected our process for chenille patches decades ago! Chenille brings your mascot, letter, or award to life with a gorgeous 3-D texture that compliments any shape. Use them for athletic patches, emblems, awards, graduation years, and more. Use them on varsity jackets, motorcycle vests, backpacks, or anywhere you please. 

We also offer embroidered chenille patches, for a sleek, high quality, custom image in any color you can imagine.

The foundation of our business is the chenille varsity letter, a staple for high school students who have achieved in sports or studies across the United States. These letters tell fellow students and community members the stories of this student's accomplishments.

And of course, from original material to finished product, our patches are 100% made in the USA.

First impressions are important!

Invest in your image with
professional embroidery

Embroidery is a three-dimensional design achieved using stitched thread. The fine details in your logo will be carefully transcribed to an embroidery machine, which can sew over seams or difficult material.

With an embroidered design, expect fade-resistant, rich and vibrant colors. Embroidery is durable and can withstand daily wear, extreme temperatures, and heavy laundering. In fact, an embroidered logo often outlasts the garment! If you need a consistent upscale image for your business, embroidery is a great high-quality fit.

Special considerations for embroidery:

  • Budget. Large designs with a high stitch count can be expensive. Tackle twill saves money when covering large areas. 
  • Small intricate designs with tiny letters or details may need to be simplified.
  • Gradients, fades, or subtle shading don't translate well for embroidery. To achieve this effect, color printing is more suitable.
  • Thin fabric such as T-shirts may be weighed down by an embroidery patch, so use thicker materials like a Polo shirt instead.
No Order Minimums

Print Your Designs
In Full Color With
No Limits On Details

AST offers custom screen-printed heat transfers using either your own design or by choosing from one of our 5,000 plus layouts and clip art for sports, schools, business, and much more. 

Our full color printing is a practical, cost effective method. With no order minimums, fast turnaround, and the ability to imprint sharp edges with clear outlines, this is a popular alternative for branded merchandise. Quickly and easily get your full color brand onto custom apparel. We print as complex a design as you can imagine, including individually personalized names or fine details with a lot of colors. Stay ahead of the competition, even with small budgets!

We print full color with no limits on details like colors, gradients, line widths, or resolution. It’s quick, convenient, and eco-friendly. We print a water-based ink onto a recyclable film to make our transfers, with very little waste in the heat process.

Women and young boy in sports apparel

Special considerations for color imprints:

  • Fleece or temperature-sensitive materials don’t mix well with the heat transfer process.
  • If you need a long lasting, professional finish, embroidery is a better choice for most corporations.

Or... Bring Your Own!

Did you know AST Sports will even sew your own patch on your own gear? That's right! We are happy to help with motorcycle vests, granny's weird Christmas present, backpack swag, or really anything you can imagine. Get in touch for all your patch needs.